Machines At War – Free Open Beta

Machines At War   Free Open Beta Free game! Got your attention? Good 🙂 Machines at War has now opened the open beta stage which means you can download it for free and give feedback to the developers. They’re particularly interested in getting informtation from anyone playing it on the Samsung Blackjack, T-Mobile SDA, MDA, Dash, Cingular 8525, Sprint PPC 6700 and HP Ipaq.

You must command an army of forces and get them across the battlefield in realtime. Make the best possible war machine and become a world power. Available for all versions of Windows Mobile, you can build bridges, clear forests, build walls, vehicles, aircraft and take control of the land and air with tanks, jeeps, trucks, helicopters, jets, VTOLs, turrets, and more. This is huge role player game with many possibilities and a randomly generated map each time you start afresh.

Link – Machines at War