Alarm Master 2.01 Now available – plus other free utils

Alarm Master 2.01 Now available   plus other free utils If I’m being brutally honest then it’s fair to say that the alarm functionality in the Smartphone (Windows Mobile Standard) isn’t as good as it should be. Sure, there’s a slight improvement in Windows Mobile 6 but it’s still not as flexible as the Pocket PC (Windows Mobile Pro) version. Luckily you can now download Alarm Master to fully manage your personal alarms. There’s options galore, including custom icons to show when your alarm goes off, flexible patterns (such as “first Monday in each month” etc), snooze, playback options, keypad lock / unlock and an unlimited number of alarms! The software plays all system-recognized file types, including MP3, WAV, MID. Just put the file into “My documents” or your storage card and then select it. It’s free to try out, or you can buy it for around £4.

Connective Tools also do freeware utilities. We were impressed with SleepWell, which lets you turn your phone into “Flight Mode” when you’re asleep and CT Scheduler, which launches programs according to your time plan (such as downloading a file at a scheduled time). They also do another good alarm utility called CT AlarmClock Lite. This is free and provides extra alarm functionality along with a snooze function.

Link – Alarm Master 2.01 (Try or buy for $8.25 / £4.14 until July 8th)