Free news reader for Windows Mobile – SplashNews

Free news reader for Windows Mobile   SplashNews If you’re constantly switching between websites to get your news kick then you’ll probably have tried RSS news feeds. Put simply they’re cut-down text files which contain the articles or news items from your favourite websites. You can get all these feeds grouped together in feed readers like SplashNews, which is available free. It’s “free” in the way that the majority of TV channels are “free” – i.e. ad supported. The ads are displayed in a banner space at the top of the application and don’t get in the way too much. There’s no pop-up ads, no personal information is collected.

The software itself will let you view RSS / XML news, blog, entertainment or sports feeds. The software is available for all Windows Mobile devices and you’ve probably already seen those small orange RSS buttons, so what’s keeping you?!

Link – SplashNews (Free download)