The Windows Mobile taboo subject

The Windows Mobile taboo subject The “taboo” subject in Windows Mobile has to be homebrewed ROMs. Install them and they’ll invalidate your warranty, blank your data, delete your network settings, possibly brick your phone and may even make the world spin backwards. However, for those who don’t mind trying there’s several to choose from. One in particular is receiving a lot of press and is becoming quite popular – WMBlack. There’s now a dedicated website, which has the Windows Mobile 6 ROM for the HTC TyTN (Orange SPV M3100 / T-Mobile MDA Vario II etc). appear to have teamed up with to support this, which is a tad strange considering the legal implications of the downloads and the add-ons too. As usual we’d advise against installing these ROM’s and the usual warnings still apply.

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Credit – James Warburton