Protect your HTC S710 / SPV E650

Protect your HTC S710 / SPV E650 Hey there Orange SPV / HTC S710 owners! Are you worried that your sexy new phone may soon hit a pointy bit of metal or scrape against a wall? Well worry no more (I think I’ve been watching too many shopping TV channels), because have this rather nice leather cover to protect your phone against the elements.

Priced at €39.99 (£27.13 / $54.09), the price may scare you, but this elegant case is handcrafted with top quality leather and gives access to all the basic functions of your handset. It’s also got a magnetic closure with camera lens, headphone and recharge access plus you get two slots for extra miniSD’s. It’ll hook onto you with a sturdy 360 degree belt clip and inside you’ll get the ultimate in fine embroidered cloth.

Link – HTC S710 – HTC Vox Tradition leather case