Vodafone v1605 Reviewed

Vodafone v1605 Reviewed We’ve got a stack of reviews coming your way over the next few days. First up we’ve got the Vodafone v1605 – it’s a rebranded HTC Hermes 200 handset and we’ve got the usual mix of pictures, close-up photographs and screenshots for you to go through. In the coming days we’ll be reviewing the Vodafone v1640 and a very useful “gadget” that I’ve picked up … more on this later.

One phone we’ve been eager to get our hands on though is the Orange SPV E650. We’ve been swamped with emails asking us about it but – despite all of our very best begging tactics Orange can’t get us a loan handset. Boooooo Orange! Never fear though, because we asked the guys at DeviceWire for a loan of the HTC branded version and, within hours one appeared. Yay! Review coming soon on this one.

Link – Vodafone v1605 Review