Win a GPS-enabled Gumball HTC P3300

Win a GPS enabled Gumball HTC P3300 HTC will be sponsoring the Gumball 3000 rally this year. They’ll be equipping every single car with a HTC-manufactured T-Mobile MDA Compact III with ALK CoPilot Live 7. If you’ve got a powerful and expensive car at your disposal then the rally begins in London on Sunday and then goes across Europe and back again.

For those of us without deep pockets HTC have the answer – a competition to win one of JK from Jamiroquai’s cars!!! Wehay… oh.. wait.. no. Sorry, I got that wrong. You actually get to win the device he’s using during the rally – a customised Gumball HTC P3300. To win you just need to get the fastest lap time on their Gumball driving game, shown in action here. The winner will be chosen on May 7th, plus – if you’re not the best driver in the world you can enter the prize draw instead.

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