Orange to drop data use charges

Orange to drop data use charges According to this Times article Orange will reveal some new tariffs later this week allowing unlimited access to the internet for a set fee. They, like many other networks, feel that the slow uptake of data and web use is mainly due to confusing pricing causing customers to hold back. Indeed, the article states that “96% of mobile revenues are still generated by plain calls and texting”.

Pricing at “per Mb” is currently scaring customers, and – when high phone bills arrive shortly after – they stop using web content extremely quickly. New “all you can eat” deals, popularised currently with T-Mobile, are gaining the interest of business and personal customers alike. The Times states that Orange will offer internet “snacks” costing just 30p for 15 minutes, or bundles priced at £1 per day, £5 per month for evening/weekends or £8 per month for anytime access. Yes, you heard right – contract Orange customers can pay £8 per month for unlimited internet access.

Get more on this, plus the offers from other networks, at the link below. As usual we’ll keep you updated on this when Orange make things official. As a current Orange customer this is excellent news for me. At last!

Link – The Times
Credit – Paul Sleight