First – o2 XDA Trion goes on sale

First   o2 XDA Trion goes on sale We were first to tell you that the o2 XDA Trion was to replace the XDA Zinc and now we’re happy to report that it’s on sale. The XDA Trion is the o2 branded HTC Hermes and has already been launched by Orange as the M3100 and T-Mobile as the MDA Vario II. If you’ve been waiting for the o2 XDA Trio then have a butchers at the o2 Shop where it’s now fully available. Prices start from free on £50 tariffs, £89.99 on £35 tariffs and £199.99 on £25 tariffs.

Specs-wise you can expect a 2 megapixel camera and the back with a face-pointing one for video calls, 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, Windows Mobile 5.0 (Pocket PC) and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Link – XDA Trion @ o2 Shop
Credit – Johnny De’Silva