HTC S310 PAYG Now in Orange shops for just £79.99

HTC S310 PAYG Now in Orange shops for just £79.99 I’ll confess to not visiting an Orange store of late. Forum member nowimboard has though, and he’s spotted the Pay-As-You-Go HTC S310 on sale. You may remember it being announced at the end of February when it was given a price of £249.99. Well, it certainly looks like there’s been a huge price tumble. The handset is now available for a mere £79.99 with a £10 top-up.

The HTC S310 Smartphone (Windows Mobile Standard) runs Windows Mobile 5.0 and has a 1.3 Megapixel camera with MiniSD card and Bluetooth. Powered by a TI OMAP 850 CPU running at 200Mhz the phone also has the Orange SIM+ capability which allows you to have SIM cards with on-board memory. The only down point is the fairly low-quality 176×200 screen, however this is a great foot onto the Windows Mobile ladder for a lot of Pay-As-You-Go customers.

If you have one of these phones, let us know what you think! There’s been several rumours about battery life, so we’d like to hear from owners. Add your comments below or onto this post.

Link – CoolSmartPhone Forum Post

Credit – Nowimboard