QoolSmartPhone Imagine, if you will, an LG Chocolate and HTC QWERTY fall into a blender. What would you get ? Well, you’d get the Qool. There appears to be two new devices – both Windows Mobile handsets – the Qool Glider and the Qool Icon.

This slideshow gives you a taste of the handsets, although there’s no mention of them at QoolLabs.com as yet. The Glider has a sliding keypad, 195Mhz CPU, Bluetooth, WiFi and a 2 megapixel camera. It’s a quad-band device with EDGE.

The Icon is a slim PDA with a 200Mhz CPU but alas only GPRS connectivity.

We’re trying to get further information on these handsets. The designs are certainly interesting, however it remains to be seen whether we’ll see them in shops.

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Credit – Tom Weeks