Strange Windows Mobile device on eBay

Strange Windows Mobile device on eBay With the continued success of Windows Mobile phones we’re sometimes unable to keep track of every single model out there. Tom recently emailed us with a link to this eBay auction. The item for sale is an apparently rare Pocket PC phone running Windows Mobile 5.0. It’s got a slide-up earpiece which reveals the screen and comes with a numeric phone-style keypad.

The design itself is pretty nice, however we’re loving the 5 (yes, 5) megapixel camera on the back – something any Windows Mobile owner would instantly drool over. Sure, there’s one slightly iffy picture with a screen-grab on however it looks real enough and – for a mere £175 (!) it’ll be heading over from China in no time.

Anyone know more about this phone or who makes it ?

Link – Unknown Pocket PC Phone

Edit – This is actually a Samsung handset from 2004 or, at least, a copy of it. Thanks to forum member “Gouldie” for spotting it! 🙂