T-Mobile Ameo – Thoughts so far, plus high-quality photos

T Mobile Ameo   Thoughts so far, plus high quality photos The T-Mobile Ameo, as you’ll know, is now available to buy. But what are your thoughts on it? Well, Des Dismore has one he’s sent in his comments plus lots of excellent high-quality shots of the device and comparison photos. He says of the device…

“It is slimmer that the SPV 3100 and in that respect nicer. I really want to like this beast, thinking back to how I managed to carry my Psion(s) around and didn’t complain then so why now? However it is an effing monster.

The included stylus is sexy but has lost the silky writing that previous styli have held. The box also includes a combo pen/stylus and in my opinion should have been left out. It would seem at home in a jamboree bag.

My biggest plus is the 128mb of ram and by the time my contacts list and a few apps were installed brought the available ram down to 67mb. A much healthier proposition entirely. Of course the MiniSD is nice and all apps seem to have access to these storage devices including Bluetooth which needs more investigating.”

Read on for more thoughts plus those pictures! “The screen is huge and you cannot help but feel the resolution is wrong.

Inputting your entry passcode sees the stylus traverse most of the screen. Web pages are easier to read.

Battery life is better than expected, more time and use will clarify if this early judgement is valid. USB device charging seems to be slower than the included mains charger.

Inserting the SIM and mini SD is fiddly, and worse if you need to remove them again. I wouldn’t recommend frequent removals.

Unit is locked to T-Mobile, a first for them if I am not mistaken.

Nice to see a normal 3.5mm jack. Which includes 4 contacts to allow for a microphone.

No in phone earphone, so any phone-to-ear conversations will be overheard. Bluetooth/handsfree headset is a must. This is the biggest downer for me as I wanted to justify a replacement for my M3100.

I’ve not used the keyboard a lot, however it has been nice to use thus far.”