A whole new server… again

A whole new server... again Regular visitors may remember that we tried to move to a new server a few weeks ago with disastrous consequences. I decided to do the change a day before jetting off on holiday, and my rather “speedy” method of moving the data caused the site to crash and go off-line.

In our continuing effort to give a quick and stable browsing experience we’ve now got ourselves a different server with a different build and completely bespoke setup. The previous server will continue to run whilst the DNS propagation goes through but, if you’re viewing this, you’re on the new server – an AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core 3800+. This monster should ensure a constant high-speed response when you’re browsing the site. We’re also doing this because there’s a lot planned for the site this year. We need to get either a name change (perhaps coolwinmobile.com or similar) and expansion on many other levels.

Please let me know if anything doesn’t appear to work by emailing gears @ coolsmartphone . com