Fast and simple push email for Windows Mobile

Fast and simple push email for Windows Mobile To most people the idea of “push email” is quickly dismissed when they read the weighty Microsoft documentation about it. I’ve had so many people tell me…

“Why isn’t it as quick to setup as the BlackBerry my mate has? I don’t want to setup an Exchange server. What if I use just POP boxes?”

To be honest they’re right. The Microsoft solution is geared towards Microsoft Exchange Server and you’ll need either a good IT guy or an outside contractor to set it all up for you. A fantastic free solution to this problem is emoze. Although we’ve mentioned them before we think that it’s worth another plug – the site has now been redsigned and is split into two clear and concise segments – Corporate or Personal Use. Setup is a breeze and the site is crisp and easy to understand.

With emoze, emails, calendars, tasks and contacts are kept in sync and data is transmitted securely without the need for third party servers. After just minutes you’ll be getting your emails and Outlook data anywhere, anytime and your schedule and contacts will be updated instantly. Go on, give it a bash.

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