Teksoft CapturePro – Easy screen capture via PC or mobile!

Teksoft CapturePro   Easy screen capture via PC or mobile! The guys at Teksoft posted a news item about CapturePro in our forum. This Desktop PC application will let you easily grab screenshots from you Pocket PC or Smartphone. You also get
Mobile Device CapturePro included in the deal, which lets you grab screens from the device itself.

It features an unlimited trial, allowing you to install CapturePro and evaluate it for as long as you like. Buy it only when you are convinced that it fits your needs. There’s also a built-in wizard to help you create screen captures, multishot capabilities, image pre-viewer and you can categorize your screen captures with automatic creation of subfolders.

High quality raw images or JPEG files can be created and there’s a built-in zoom option to resize your images automatically. You also get a “text-over” feature which allows each snapshot to be labeled in a variety of colours and positions. To be honest with you there’s so many features in this program and it’ll defintely get used by us here at CoolSmartPhone when writing reviews!

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