The T-Mobile MDA Compact III Challenge

The T Mobile MDA Compact III Challenge I have a slight dilema. Granted it’s not your “every day” dilema, however I’m going to try and turn it into a very useful article for you guys. The problem? Well, take a look at the picture. I now have not one, but two T-Mobile MDA Compact III devices. Before you all send the hate-mails, I should explain – one is on loan and the other is a work phone.

So what to do with these toys ? Well, I figured it was time for a head-to-head test. If you look closely you should see that I’ve got TomTom on one and CoPilot (which is supplied with the T-Mobile MDA Compact III if you wish) on the other. We’re going to call it the “MDA Compact III Challenge”. Which will win ? Stay tuned this weekend to find out!

Link – T-Mobile MDA Compact III