Hidden Smoking Smileys on Treo handsets

Hidden Smoking Smileys on Treo handsets This is the smoking Treo smiley. In a world which is rapidly turning against smoking in public it’s a little strange to see it appear when Treo users type :! on their phones. On the Treo 650 or 680 you’ll get smokey joe when you enter a colon followed immediately by an exclamation mark.

Does it do the same with the Windows Mobile Treo phones? Well, we honestly don’t know. If you have a Treo 700w, 700wx or 750v let us know in the forum!

Link – TheSmartPDA.com
Credit – Rico Mossesgeld

UPDATE – Forum member “ga41” has just tested it on his Treo 750v and yes, it does the same on that too!