TinyTube.net gets pulled offline by YouTube.com

TinyTube.net gets pulled offline by YouTube.com When we first mentioned TinyTube.net – a mobile version of YouTube – we loved it. We were slightly worried though. TinyTube.net takes YouTube videos and converts them into a mobile-viewable format. But what would YouTube.com think of their service? With Google owning YouTube and their own 3GP mobile download technology already active on Google Video I had worries that maybe they wouldn’t like someone else grabbing advertising cash for re-publishing their site.

Well it turns out that YouTube want a hand in the direction that TinyTube.net is taking – the upshot being that TinyTybe.net is now off-line. A message on the site states…

“We want to maintain a good working relationship with YouTube, so when a Senior Manager at YouTube contacted us about Terms of Service violations we took the YouTube content offline. This happened at 10am GMT-8 today.”

Although they’re working together to try and find a solution to the issue there’s no guarantee that the site will come back. You can get the latest details at TinyTube.net