WIN! One of three FM transmitters to give away!

WIN! One of three FM transmitters to give away! If you’ve got a mobile which is crammed full of MP3’s you’ll no doubt want to listen them on the move. The excellent Audia X Transmitter will let you do this by broadcasting the output of your device onto an FM frequency of your choice. A few people have already emailed me about this with questions like..

“My device doesn’t have a 3.5mm or a 2.3mm plug – it’s a miniUSB only! How do I use this transmitter without the necessary 3.5mm plug?”

Well, as Michael Winner would say, “calm down dear”, we’ve got the answer. Hopefully this miniUSB -> 3.5mm adaptor should do the trick.

What? You want more ? Well you got it. We’ve got three Audia X transmitters to give away to you lucky readers. All you need to do is open a ClickPayGo account in our software store. Don’t worry – you’re not going to get signed up for anything crazy, a ClickPayGo account simply lets you re-download your purchases at anytime and you get stacks of free stuff just for opening an account anyway!

Enter now – just open an account and we’ll announce the winners on Friday! Good luck!!

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