Samsung SGH-i760 with hidden QWERTY

Samsung SGH i760 with hidden QWERTY I’m getting to like Samsung phones. The Samsung SGH-i320 I’ve played with not only has all the regular Windows Smartphone stuff, but also comes with some excellent extra frilly bits from Samsung. Even small things like the sound “themes” to quickly change from one set of sound files to another are good. The sounds, which I presume are supplied by Samsung, are clear, crisp and themed together to match. You also have other tweaks such as the keyboard lights flashing when a call comes in – nice.

Anyhow, over at there’s shots of another Windows Mobile from Samsung. This is a sliding Pocket PC with full QWERTY keyboard but resembles the classic “phone shape” and is a lot smaller than the similarly designed Orange SPV M2000 we reviewed some time back. The i760 comes with a speedy 520MHz Intel processor, 3G connectivity, 2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

If the build quality on the SGH-i760 is anything like my SGH-i320 then it’ll be a great start. There’s stacks of photos of this new slider here at It should hopefully be arriving here in Europe soon.

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