T-Mobile Dash Reviewed

T Mobile Dash Reviewed EngadgetMobile have bagged themselves a T-Mobile Dash – the HTC Excalibur we first saw back in August. It’ll be appearing on T-Mobile USA from October 25th and will sell for $350 without contract, $250 with a 1 year contract or $199 with two years. Engadget say of the device…

“We know what you’re burning to ask … how does it stack up against the Q? Well, when it comes down to it they’re actually two very different devices. Radios excepted, we find the Dash preferable; though it’s only got a 200MHz OMAP processor compared to the Q’s 312MHz XScale, but it comes equipped with an additional 64MB flash memory. The Dash is just so much less utilitarian looking and clunky feeling. It’s the slim Smartphone perfected.”

Sounds good. Will we get it here in Europe? Only time will tell.

Link – EngadgetMobile Review