Chase HQ 2 and GearStorm on your phone!

Chase HQ 2 and GearStorm on your phone! Well it looks like the summer is pretty much over here in the UK. All we’ve got to look forward to now is dark evenings, cold weather and yet more depressing episodes of “Eastenders”. Still, with games like Chase HQ 2 Evo and GearStorm available for a mere few quid you can get away from it all wherever you may be.

Chase HQ 2 Evo (left) costs £5.24 ($9.94) and is the ultimate drift-crazy racing game with real time 3D rendering and outstanding graphics. You can try or buy it here and experience one of the most realistic driving games for all manner of Pocket PC or Smartphones with highly detailed courses and 5 different vehicles to choose from.

Next up is GearStorm for just £3.67 ($6.96). It’s a 2D horizontally scrolling shoot ’em up robot game and is selling like cold lager on a hot day right now. Try or buy it here.

Links – Chase HQ 2 EvoGearStorm