How to solve a slow news day

How to solve a slow news day A quiet news day is just the sort of excuse we need to mention a funny audio file recently submitted to our downloads section. In this phone recording someone threatens to sue Argos – the purveyor of online and catalogue shopping.

The caller complains than an Argos catalogue has been thrown through his window and has hit his cat. “Can you check the CCTV? See who it was who picked up an Argos catalogue like?”, says the caller, “It hit me cat, she’s under the table right now and she won’t come out. I’ve tried everything, you know those little Whiskas biscuits? She loves them.”

We like 🙂 Download the MP3, drag it over to your phone and play it. If you do have some news stories which are more important than this and deserve a front page mention on our rather large website please do give us a yell 🙂

Link – Argos Caller (Now tweaked so it WORKS on your phone!) 🙂