Virgin Mobile TV is announced .. and it looks hot!

Virgin Mobile TV is announced .. and it looks hot! Watch out UK, Pamela Anderson is going to advertise a Virgin product (you’re having a laugh right?) ;). Yes, Vigin Mobile TV is here. Launched today and due to run on the Lobster 700 handset their new service will carry BBC One, ITV1, Channel 4 and E4 plus 30 to 50 DAB digital radio stations. Although announced the actual service will go live on October 1st with the Windows Lobster 700 becoming available on the same day.

Virgin have already coined the phrase “Tellyphone” and customers will be able to watch their favourite programmes and listen to DAB digital radio wherever they are. The service, which is provided by BT Movio, will also offer ‘red-button’ interactivity and features this exclusive seven-day electronic programme guide (EPG).

But wait – what about cost? Well, Virgin Mobile will be offering the mobile TV phone and service for free if you’re paying more than £25 per month on a contract. If you’re a pre-pay customer then expect to pay £199 and get the service free for an initial three-month period, followed by a charge of £5 a month. As for coverage, the Virgin Mobile TV service will broadcasts TV live “as it happens” over the DAB digital frequency spectrum, which currently covers more than 85% of the UK population.

Whilst we may joke about Pamela Anderson, the advertising campaign will be huge – costing many millions and will begin October 9th bringing the Smartphone platform to the attention of many millions of potential customers. Bring it on!

Check out a full size image of the Lobster 700 TV handset in action, complete with the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) by clicking “read more”!

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Virgin Mobile TV is announced .. and it looks hot!