o2 XDA Cosmo pictured and under test!

o2 XDA Cosmo pictured and under test! Crickey! Thinks are moving quickly at the minute. First there’s blurry photos, then graphics, then scans from a magazine and now.. now there’s the real thing courtesy of o2 Germany who’ve delivered the thing to theUnwired.

What is it? It’s the o2 XDA Cosmo, it’s that HTC Excalibur with an XDA and o2 logo slapped on. It’s powered by Smartphone, yes Windows Mobile for Smartphone it’s got quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WiFi, Bluetooth and a 2 megapixel camera. Then you’ve got that innovative jog strip thingy.

It’s interesting to see how different networks and territories work. o2 have sent a website a pre-release version of a handset resulting in huge coverage and gossip amongst the community. Sometimes it’s difficult just to get pictures of a device ! (COUGH) Vodafone (COUGH)

Link – TheUnwired.net