Uh-oh. Windows DRM blown open

Uh oh. Windows DRM blown open Software that removes Windows DRM ? Well, we had a little think about whether this should be covered, but it’s all over the net already and a quick Google reveals quite a few download sources. Put simply this will remove the Digital Rights Management (DRM) inside legal MP3 files downloaded from sources such as Napster etc. DRM stops you from moving files between devices but, with this utility you can successfully remove Windows Media DRM 10 and 11 (PlaysForSure, but not WM DRM 9).

Engadget have tried this out and confirm that it works. Oh dear. Can open, worms everywhere…this could get messy. It’s already hitting torrent websites all around the globe and it’s sheer existance is likely to cause music bosses to quickly clench their buttocks. In theory you can subscribe to an unlimited download service like Napster (just one monthly fee for as many tracks as you want) and copy tracks to as many devices as you want, or even distribute them.

The people behind this software would no doubt disagree that it’s designed to steal, however that’s like saying BitTorrent would never get used for robbing software. 🙁

Source – Engadget