Share and publish phone vids easily

Share and publish phone vids easily The guys at have launched a new site today. allows quick sharing and downloading of mobile videos via MMS. You register then – provided you’re in the UK – you just upload your video via MMS and they appear online.

The PR guys have sent us lots of info about how “SelfcastTV is what is taking the world by storm in 2006. Whether it’s making videos or just watching them and sending them on to friends, everyone’s got the bug”. However their opening choice of videos include a drunken party at Aston University which, presumably, was paid for by SelfcastTV and includes lots of women kissing / bouncing / dancing and… ermm.. more besides. This shallow marketing hype is supposed to grab my attention in order to get more exposure for their site. PAH! How wrong they are….

Upload your own vids from your handset by registering (just so they know who to credit the vids to when you send them) and sending an MMS to their number. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of content-checking, which is worrying following the whole happy-slapping thing, so watch what you’re looking at if you’re at work.

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