News feed goodness

News feed goodness Want to keep up with the latest Windows Mobile news and goings-on here at CoolSmartPhone ? Well you may have already heard about these nifty “RSS feeds” which automatically push the latest news down to your favourite news reader or web reader (like Windows Live, My Yahoo, Google, Newsgator, Pluck, Pageflakes, FeedDemon etc). Internet Explorer 7 will include feeds and Firefox lets you read them from your favourites list so we thought it was time to give these feeds an overhaul.

To start using these feeds just click here for some instructions. For the techies among you the changes involve a shift to FeedBurner which means we can get loads of stats on how many readers we’ve got .. like this..

CoolSmartPhone News
News feed goodness
Gears Blog
News feed goodness

Ohh.. funky eh? For the non-techies out there you’ll not need to worry as – thanks to some funky jiggery pokery – all the URL’s will remain. Oh, and if you want super-easy access just try here for the news feed or here for the blog feed. Hazzaar!

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