Palm Treo 750v heads for Vodafone UK

Palm Treo 750v heads for Vodafone UK You may have spotted news the other day that Microsoft and Palm were working on something for Vodafone which would “target the adoption of wireless push email in Europe”. Well it’s now official – the Windows-powered Vodafone Palm 750v (aka Lennon) device will be coming to Vodafone UK. There’s even a special page at where you can pre-register your interest which states…

“Palm® Treo™ smartphone will be an industry first using Vodafone’s high-speed network and delivering Palm’s ease of use on top of the Microsoft Window’s Mobile ® operating system – all backed up by Vodafone’s dedicated service for business.
Wireless push email. The package includes the option of real-time, wireless push email using Microsoft’s Messaging and Security Feature Pack available on Windows Mobile 5.0, with Direct Push Technology and enhanced security features.”

Keni at Conchango has more info here. It’s pretty much going to be the European version of the Palm 700w that’s been in the USA minus that lumpy aerial thing, although we’ll know more as time goes by.

Link – Vodafone UK Treo

Credit – Keni @ Conchango