Mobile Security for Windows Mobile

Mobile Security for Windows Mobile Some of you guys may have spotted the F-Secure Mobile Security software before. It’s an easy-to-use anti-virus solution for Windows Mobile handsets, however until now it wouldn’t run on Orange handsets due to a certificatation block. Today F-Secure and Orange have announced that F-Secure Mobile Security is now available to Orange handsets too.

Give the trial a go by downloading it here and copying the appropriate CAB file across to your handset and running it with File Explorer. Don’t worry if you’re confused by all this CAB file stuff because the service will be available to grab on Orange World from August. You’ll then get the software delivered directly to your handset and receive immediate protection against mobile viruses. You’ll get a weeks free trial followed by a £1.50 monthly charge via SMS.

Link – F-Secure Mobile Security (Press release below)

Orange and F-Secure launch mobile antivirus service for Smartphones

F-Secure is pleased to announce an agreement to provide F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus as a service to Orange UK.  This follows an agreement made with Orange Switzerland in June last year to offer subscription-based mobile data security to it’s smartphone customer base.  It also strengthens F-Secure as the global leader for security of smartphones.
By using an innovative update system via the mobile network, Orange and F-Secure can now offer a simple and effective solution that enables all Orange UK’s smartphone users to protect their phones against harmful content.

The Mobile Anti-Virus service will be available through Orange web services in August.  Users can download it directly from the web to their phone and enjoy immediate protection against mobile malware.  Customers can enjoy a one-week free trial after which the cost is £1.50 per month which will be charged automatically via an SMS
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