Sky by Mobile – Is it possible on Windows Mobile?

Sky by Mobile   Is it possible on Windows Mobile? Some of you may be aware of a new service launched by Sky TV recently. If you’re lucky enough to have one of their whizzy PVR’s then you’ll already be used to the live pause and recording to hard disk. However, recently they announced their Sky by Mobile service which allows you to get the latest news and videos from Sky plus you can now remotely set programmes to record onto your Sky+ box. Good eh?

Only one problem though. You need one of these handsets to run the software, and Windows Mobile isn’t on there. I’d really like to use this service – I’m always forgetting to set my Sky+ box or I’m away from the house and I can’t physically touch the remote. Last night I found this interesting thread and downloaded this JAR file and plonked it onto my Orange SPV C600. I opened it up in file explorer and ran it in the Java MIDlet Manager. It does actually work, I can load it up and enter my credentials, however it stops after that – I presume because it can’t access the net. I can’t seem to get around this and I’ve tried everything like opening a GPRS connection manually and tweaking with the security settings.

Has anyone else tried this successfully ? I’m trying the JAR file for the Nokia 6230 in this example but Sky hide the links so I’ve not found any other JAR files to test.