TechFaithWireless Duplicate Designs

TechFaithWireless Duplicate Designs You may remember we mentioned a company called TechFaithWireless before. They’re busy making some pre-production handsets to show the various networks and distribution channels just what they can do. This article shows just some of the devices they’ve come up with. To be honest there’s more than a hint of plagiarism with these handsets. I’ve grabbed some snaps of the handsets TFW have made (on the left of our image) along with the Motorola SLVR, Samsung i320 and the HTC Universal (on the right of our image). I’m sure you’ll agree there’s slightly more than a passing resemblance.

The i320-esque device has a touch-screen, something the i320 doesn’t have, but heck – I get the same feeling from these as I do when I see fake DVD’s down the local market. 🙁 We presume this is TechFaithWireless merely showing quickly and how well they can produce handsets as it doesn’t really show off their design skills to any degree. We want to see new Smartphone and Pocket PC designs – sliders, flips, QWERTY’s and more, not just replicas.

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