The Slingbox comes to the UK

The Slingbox comes to the UK We’ve already mentioned the Slingbox a few times. It’s simply a widget that sits on your TV and lets you control and watch your TV, PVR and DVD recorder from any internet connection. You can use your Windows Mobile device to connect in via WiFi or 3G to your home TV and watch your favourite shows from any where in the world – excellent if you want to see Top Gear or the World Cup when you’re stuck in a hotel room or.. ermm.. on honeymoon, like I’ll be in a week and a bit!

The great news is that the Slingbox can now be purchased here in ‘ole Blighty for £179.99. There’s no subscription or top-ups, that’s all you pay. You just nip down to PC World and grab one, then take it home and plug it into your TV and broadband connection – job done. You can then use everything just as if you were at home – your Sky+, cable box or Freeview PVR. Did you leave the house this morning without setting your Sky+ or DVD recorder for an important show? No problem! Just hop online at work, or anywhere with your Windows Mobile device and set it! All you have to do now is decide how much to charge the people who’ll be watching the football over your shoulder! 🙂

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