Daily News and Photo Sharing courtesy of WpN

Daily News and Photo Sharing courtesy of WpN If you’re looking for a new way to get daily news stories delivered directly to your device or you want to share photos with your friends and family without paying huge MMS charges then WpN Mobile, created by photo agency World Picture Network, is well worth a look. It lets you download a huge range of feature stories from around the world, plus each story is sorted into channels based on topic (Sports, Sci-Tech, Entertainment). By “piggy-backing” your PC’s internet connection or Wi-Fi connection you can grab the stories for off-line reading whenever you want them.

The photo-sharing functions of WpN Mobile is easy to use and shared images that are marked as ‘Everybody’ may even get selected for inclusion on the WpN Mobile homepage as one of the best pictures of the day. Plus your photos have the chance to be sold and published by the WpN Sales team. Proceeds will be split with the photographer using industry standard rates and the copyright will always remain the photographer. Want to know more? Check out their website or sign up for a free account here.

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