Gentimer – Stopwatch, timer and alarm all in one!

Gentimer   Stopwatch, timer and alarm all in one! I’m still wading through a weeks worth of email so I’ve only just picked up on Gentimer – a new Smartphone application priced at just $9.95 (around £5.26) which includes several types of alarms, timers, a stopwatch and a world time function with a map. I’d love to see something like this included as part of every Smartphone in the base OS, however for a measly few pennies you can have a cool alarm which has three different modes..

– Standard, which acts like a regular alarm clock.

– Sleepyhead, for those who have problems getting up in the morning! This one needs a randomly generated code to be entered before it’ll go off.

– Gentle, which playes a small sound 5 minutes before the actual alarm goes off.

The stopwatch application should also appeal to joggers or lazy cooks, plus there’s 140 cities to choose from in the World Time application.

Link – Gentimer