Cool services for Orange customers

Cool services for Orange customers I spent part of last week with Orange and I’ve learned a surprising amount about what they do and some services I wasn’t even aware of. First up was Orange Photography which is a fantastically easy way to set up an online gallery of pictures for either private or public viewing. You can try it free for a month here or just start using it now. Click here to learn how. You just enter your phone number and register, then it’s just a matter of taking a picture and sending it via MMS to 25286 (ALBUM). Within seconds it appears like this in your album.

I also found out about calling tunes, which is something I never thought I’d be into. I had heard about this a while back but not really looked at it enough. Orange Calling Tunes is a simple yet fantastic service which overlays a tune or sound effect on top of the regular “ring ring” that callers hear. This is not to be confused with ringtones, which is what you hear. Despite what this page states, calling tunes do work on the SPV handsets and there’s stacks to choose from. You simply browse to Orange World (the link is on all Orange phones) or send a text with the word TUNES to 247 for a direct link. Heck, you can even call 477 (for 10p no matter how long you’re on) to listen to them!

Links – Orange PhotographyOrange Calling Tunes