Orange Partner Camp Comes to a close

Orange Partner Camp Comes to a close You may have noticed a distinct lack of news so far this week. I’m actually out in Florida with Orange – one of the world’s leading mobile operators. They’re holding the Orange Partner Camp as part of their Partner programme which provides a fast start towards the commercialisation of mobile apps, content and solutions. If you’re involved in the design, build or marketing of mobile solutions or content then the Orange Partner programme is essential for you. People from around the world are using the programme to get guidance, support and information from key platform providers plus Orange device specifications, tools, SDKs, discussion forums, as well as full details about forthcoming events and virtual seminars. The people I’m bumping into here all agree that working with Orange is both easy, fun, informative and invaluable. Many say that Orange are the first and only network to actively come out and help them bring their products to market.

The event is now drawing to a close, however – if the feedback is anything to go by – you should seriously investigate this if you want to work with a network committed to helping you promote, create, assist and develop your product.

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