Orange Messenger – The future’s bright

Orange Messenger   The futures bright You may recall our earlier report about MSN being dropped from future SPV handsets. We wanted to know from Orange whether the new Orange Messenger, which is to replace it, will be interoperable with other IM platforms like MSN, Yahoo! and ICQ etc. The answer it seems is positive, with Orange stating that they are currently negotiating with all IM providers “to provide the greatest level of interoperability and the best instant messaging experience for customers. Interoperability is a “must have” to realise the full benefits of Personal IM”.

The Orange Messenger tool isn’t just for internet instant messaging though, this will allow you to send and receive instant messages with your “buddy list” across mobile networks too. The reasons for doing this are made clear when you look at the stats – 300 million people across the world send more than 12 billion text messages per day. However, on average, people spend only one hour a day on the internet. To make a truly global messaging solution which operates across all Instant Messaging (IM) programs and other mobile networks will enable you to be online and ready to chat anytime, anywhere.