Things are a-changing at CoolSmartPhone

Things are a changing at CoolSmartPhone Nearly 4 years ago all of this was a just a single web page. It’s evolved over the years into the epic beast you now see before you. However, at the start of this year I wasn’t 100% happy with things. The new login system was slowing the site-loading time down (due to about 4 refreshes of the front page) and I still had no commenting feature, which is something I really wanted to add.

Sorting this out isn’t easy. Getting this bit to talk to the commenting bit is one heck-of-a-pain-in-the-backside and it’s even more difficult thanks to the heavily adapted Content Management System which has been bent and twisted during the years to suit the needs of the site.

So today we’ve managed to migrate nearly a quarter of a million users across from the old login system to the new one. I’ve also managed to do a very quick interface into the feedback area, which you can start using now with your existing username and password. It’s by no means complete, but I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on, so please do give it a try!

UPDATE – Should all be working now ! 🙂