Get some free stuff baby!

Get some free stuff baby! The guys in our games and applications shops have had a fantastic idea. In fact, I thought they were a bit nuts when they came up with it, but heck – it’s their money and their idea, so I’m backing it all the way! 🙂

They’ve got a free copy of GPrime XTreme for all of you! Yes, you heard right, free. All you have to do is click here and get a ClickPayGo account. This bit is really painless and it gives you access to even more free stuff – High Noon Drifter, Gringos, K&G Arcade and Galactic Assault! Plus, if you sign up you’ll be able to re-download your purchases at anytime – how good is that?!

What’s that? All that isn’t good enough? Well, how about an extra 5% bonus cash on top of any cash you add to your ClickPayGo account! Woo! It’s like PayPal, but with bags of free stuff!

Link – ClickPayGo