Stream live video to the web with ComVu

Stream live video to the web with ComVu I spotted ComVu over at MoDaCo recently. It’s a free piece of software that, after you’ve logged in and created an account, lets you stream live video and audio from your device. Yes – live. You can stream it over whatever connection you have, be it the ActiveSync, GPRS, 3G or WiFi.

Live broadcasts from your Pocket PC or Smartphone can then be viewed by either a secure or public webpage and archived too. I did a short example on my Orange SPV M5000 whilst driving to work. Click here to view it then select “play” next to “Driving3”. This was streamed over the Orange 3G network and, apart from a few drop-outs, I’m sure you’ll agree it is pretty impressive indeed. Don’t forget that this has been stored on the ComVu server as it was streamed from my handset, this isn’t a local recording from the device.

Link –