Windows Mobile Mini

Windows Mobile Mini This is the car currently being driven around the UK as part of a Microsoft advertising campaign promoting both Windows Mobile and the website. The Mini has a vivid green colour and the Windows Mobile swooshes on the roof and this particular one is being driven by MS employee Jason Langridge. I doubt you’ll miss it if it pulls up next to you! :) In fact, Jason would like you to email him with a photo if you see a Windows Mobile Mini, then he’ll send you some free stuff. Huzzaaa!

I love the new Mini. Em has the Mini Cooper S, I just love “borrowing” it and tazzing around local roads and villages, it’s really nippy and gives excellent road holding. Oh, and it also keeps up with cars like Audi TT’s ;) Hehhehe… They should’ve used the “S” version to show the Windows Mobile power in a small device.. :)

But wait… Haven’t I see a Windows Mobile Mini somewhere before? Yes, I believe so.. Back at CeBIT 2005 I think it was…

Windows Mobile Mini
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