Hot new games – Plus 10% off GPrime Xtreme!

Hot new games   Plus 10% off GPrime Xtreme! We’ve managed to get a great deal for you guys on the excellent GPrime Xtreme. Right now you can get 10% off the price of our exclusive CoolSmartPhone Edition just by quoting the promotion code of “XTREMECOOL” at the checkout. Give it a try here – blast the enemies and destroy their blockades whilst collecting power-ups on the way! This is a pure retro action shooter that deserves a place on your phone.

Next up we have news about a special treat for Orange SPV C600 owners. Atlantis Redux QVGA with 3D Video is now available just for you guys. This is the full game with 3D video and just goes to show what these Windows Smartphones can do!

Last but not least we have the ever-popular Sky Force which has now been tweaked to use every single pixel of the higher resolution QVGA screens on handsets like the Cingular 2125 / Orange SPV C550 / Orange SPV C600. Yes, you can now enjoy this classic shooter in 100% full screen glory!

GPrime Xtreme – Smartphone Version £5.72 ($9.95|€8.35) – Pocket PC Version £8.60 ($14.95|€12.54)

Atlantis Redux QVGA with 3D Video – £8.60 ($14.95|€12.54)

Sky Force QVGA (Hi Res) – £5.75 ($9.99|€8.38)