More Smartflip treats – Stacks of photos!

More Smartflip treats   Stacks of photos! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it yet, but we love the look of the HTC Star Trek / i-Mate Smartflip. Seriously – it comes to something when the most bulbous thing on it is the Mini USB port! Oooo that is thin. There’s even a second screen on the front which appears to be full colour. Damn.. Dale gets all the food stuff 😉

We’ve already seen vids courtesy of NewMobile, but these pics are really worth looking at.

We thought we’d post a link or two to the pictures. Then we thought, “Nah, let’s post a few more links”… then we thought, “Sod it, link to all of them, they’re fantastic and so is the phone”. So here you go. Enjoy! Once again we must thank for the shots.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4
Pic 5

Pic 6

Pic 7

Pic 8

Pic 9

Pic 10

Pic 11

Pic 12

Pic 13

Pic 15

Pic 16

Pic 17

Pic 18

Pic 19

Pic 20

Pic 21

Pic 22

Pic 23

Pic 24

Pic 25

Pic 26

Pic 27

Pic 28

Pic 29

You can also get the thumbnails here.

Link – – iMate Smartflip