i-Mate Smartflip Treats – Video Online!

i Mate Smartflip Treats   Video Online! We like the i-Mate Smartflip. We really, really like the i-Mate Smartflip. No, we love it. We love the i-Mate Smartflip. If this device doesn’t get badged up by several major networks I’ll eat my hat.

So here, for the first time anywhere, is a video of the HTC Star Trek / i-Mate Smartflip. It comes courtesy of NewMobile.com once again and they’ve done two parts to it, there’s video 1 which shows the Smartflip opened and closed. Video 2 shows the screen itself and the very responsive camera.

Would you just look how flippin’ thin this thing is ? It’s like the Motorola RAZR but just not as fat width-ways. In fact, I think you’ll find there’s even a smooth blue backlight on those keys. Wait a minute.. was that a stunning hi-res photo I saw? 😉 Nice one NewMobile.com ! Nice one HTC!

Links, source and thanks – NewMobile.comVideo 1Video 2