Happy Slapping ? Try it in jail

Happy Slapping ? Try it in jail Yet more evidence emerged today that “Happy Slapping” will just get you into sertious trouble. How the term “Happy Slapping” came about I’ll never actually know. It’s like “Joyriding”, it’s gonna get you banged up for a very long time.

Case in point today are these four youths, who decided to go out one day and attack David Morley who was chatting to his mate on the South Bank in London. Today the gang – Reece Sargeant, 21, Darren Case, 18 and a youth of 17 were jailed for 12 years. There was also a girl of 16 in the gang too, who was actually 15 at the time of the attack and “kicked Mr Morley’s head like a football as he lay on the ground following the attack”. She got 8 years in youth custody.

Even more amazingly, the gang – who filmed the attack on their mobile phone – left Mr Morley for dead after savagely beating him and went on to carry out more attacks across London. They set upon eight other people in five separate attacks within an hour.

This is why I don’t accept happy slapping videos that have been submitted into our downloads section (see our earlier story), and I’d urge you guys not to send them on.

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