The Green Button – Coming to your Smartphone?

The Green Button   Coming to your Smartphone? Today around town we popped into the Orange and o2 shops to look at some possible upgrade handsets for Em. Despite my advice (as if she listens!), handsets like the Samsung D600 and the Motorola PEBL attracted her more than the Windows Mobile handsets because of one unavoidable fact. They just look better. So when I got back I was very interested to read this Inquirer article that Liam passed on. Although it’s all a bit hearsay it’s definitely very fascinating..

“..I overheard an interesting conversation about the future of Microsoft’s Smartphone OS.
Apparently Le Vole is tired of porting its applications to other vendors products and is secretly beavering away in Redmond on designs to make its own mobile phone.”

This seems to tie in with this weblogs article regarding Microsofts’ interest in putting “the green button” into mobile phones – ala Media Center.

If these rumours are true and if even better uber-cool designed handsets start appearing then this would dramatically improve shelf-appeal.