Slingboxes coming to PAL countries

Slingboxes coming to PAL countries Following our earlier story on the Slingbox it’s now been announced that they’re to launch a PAL version of they’re product. The SlingBox will stream and let you fully control your TV, DVR / PVR, DVD Recorder etc from anywhere with an internet connection – even on your Pocket PC! Blake Krikorian, co-founder and CEO of Sling Media said…

“We made a concerted effort to focus on the U.S. market first, building our retail channel and customer base here. However, we have received tremendous interest from potential Slingers around the world since our unveiling at CES last year. People’s love for their living room television is truly universal. The Slingbox delivers your TV on your terms, and we are excited to deliver this freedom to any consumer in the world, regardless of the video standard their country utilizes.”

We like the look of this and it’s great to hear that Europe and other PAL countries will be getting the chance to own one soon. We’ve also received additional information regarding the Windows Mobile Slingplayer, which you can find below (read more link).

Link – Sling Media Press Release – PAL Slingbox

Link – Earlier Press Release – Sling Media Delivers to Windows Mobile Devices

We’ve received more information regarding the Windows Mobile Slingplayer, which will let you view and control your TV plus all associated devices from your Pocket PC!

1) Handheld computers that integrate WiFi for wireless connectivity

2) Smartphones like the Samsung i730, the new Sprint PPC 6700 and eventually the Treo 700 that run Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition (all these devices incorporate a touch screen) that use both WiFi and EV-DO or WCDMA/UMTS networks for wireless connectivity

3) Smartphones like the Motorola Q that will be running Windows Mobile Smartphone edition (no touch screen) that use the same 3G cellular networks for wireless connectivity.

Slingboxes coming to PAL countries

The real benefit of the SlingPlayer Mobile software is that a customer can access all of their TV channels and access their DVR (TiVo or other) in the same way they access that content using a laptop or desktop computer today. Customers will enjoy all the same benefits of their Slingbox today and will not have to get new hardware to extend the Slingbox functionality to an existing or a new mobile device.

You will still be able to change channels, record shows or watch shows if you have a DVR and experience the same great features of the SlingPlayer software for laptops and desktops like favorite channel buttons and multiple video inputs.

In addition, SlingMedia anticipate reaching up to 25 frames per second on mobile devices and customers can view in both vertical mode (used for navigation around your TV set or your DVR) or portrait/landscape mode that takes advantage of the whole screen.

The best part about this software extension is that just like the Slingbox today, there are no monthly service fees to use it.