CES: Navtones Launches Celeb Satnav Voices

CES: Navtones Launches Celeb Satnav Voices If you’ve got TomTom or CoPilot installed on your Smartphone or PocketPC you may be aware that a range of voices are available to download. From John Cleese to Darth Vadar, you can have them telling you which is the best way to your destination. Now however there’s Navtones, who have Mr. T (I ain’t getting on no plane, sucka!), Dennis Hopper and Burt Reynolds ready to give you instructions and a little fun too.

This MSN news story has more info, including several audio clips for you to download like this one or Mr T, who we think has gone a little bit mental in his old age. 😉 NavTones are also working on getting more voices recorded too.

Keep an eye on Navtones.com, where you can sign up for launch information and pricing.

Link – Navtones.comMSN news